Books Recommended by Dan Harris – [2023 List]

Dan Harris (born July 26, 1971) is a retired American journalist for ABC News. He was an anchor for Nightline and co-anchor of the weekend edition of Good Morning America. He is also an author who has made his mission to help people live happier and more productive life.

Harris has written extensively on the topics of meditation and mindfulness, and is the host of the popular podcast “10% Happier.” In his work, Harris shares how he himself went from being a skeptic of meditation to a daily practitioner, and how it has helped him in his own life.

Here are some of the books that Harris recommends for anyone interested in learning more about meditation and mindfulness.

The Middle Way by Dalai Lama

The Middle Way by Dalai Lama

In his book, The Middle Way, Dalai Lama offers a way to find peace and happiness in our lives.

He begins by explaining that the root of all our problems is our own self-centeredness. We think only about ourselves and our own happiness, and this leads to conflict and suffering.

Dalai Lama then presents the idea of the “middle way” – a path between self-centeredness and selflessness. This path leads to true happiness and peace.

The middle way is not easy, but it is possible. Dalai Lama shows us how to find it in our own lives. With his help, we can all achieve lasting happiness and peace.

Buddhism without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor

Buddhism without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor

In his book “Buddhism without Beliefs”, Stephen Batchelor argues that it is possible to be a Buddhist without believing in any of the religion’s traditional dogma. He writes that the core teachings of Buddhism—such as the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path—can be understood and applied without recourse to supernatural beliefs.

Batchelor contends that this more secularized form of Buddhism is more in line with the original teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha himself. While some may see this as a heretical reinterpretation of Buddhism, Batchelor’s approach has helped many people find meaning and solace in the religion.

Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg

Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg

Her book Sharon Salzberg, Real Happiness offers readers a refreshing and insightful look at the concept of happiness and how to achieve it.

Drawing on her own personal journey as well as years of Buddhist study and practice, Salzberg provides readers with a roadmap to find their own path to happiness. One of the key messages in the book is that happiness is not something that we can find outside of ourselves – it is an inside job.

With clear and concise instructions, Salzberg shows readers how they can use meditation and other mindfulness practices to calm the mind, connect with their inner wisdom, and find true happiness. This is a book that will appeal to anyone who is seeking a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

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